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Why Choose Ice B' Gone Magic and Liquid Ice B' Gone Magic?


Ice B' Gone Magic De-Icer is highly effective ice melting product.

Ice B' Gone Magic was the first ice melt product to be designated as a  EPA  " Design  for the Environment " .

Why choose Ice B' Gone Magic over other de-icers? 

  • It works to - 22*F
  • Does not refreeze ( brine stays fluid )
  • Reduced black ice
  • Its concrete, landscape & pet friendly
  • Does not track like other products
  • It's 90% less corrosive than salt
  • Safer for all surfaces
  • Reduces salt 35-50%


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Brennan Landscaping Inc. is proud to announce the continued availability of what is formerly known as Magic Salt.

You are all familiar with DCS, the powerful ingredient found in what was formerly known as Magic Salt. DCS has proven itself in Magic Salt, and has earned a solid reputation by both you and your customers. This year, our supplier has secured a direct relationship with the DCS ingredient patent holders, SEACO and have completed the design and manufacturing for the packaging of the new product, ICE B' GONE MAGIC. DCS will now ONLY be found in ICE B' GONE MAGIC, which will also contain a better grade of salt in its blend, that will work better with spreaders.

A word of caution, other companies are out there attempting to liquidate old Magic Salt Bag inventory at the same or reduced pricing. Although these are the bags you are used to seeing, they have been stored outside since last season and have not been properly cared for affecting their integrity and possibly its performance. Once this old inventory is gone, a different product mixture named Magic Salt may be offered to you BUT it will not contain the proven DCS product. To ensure customer satisfaction insist on a Distillers Condensed Solubles and settle for nothing less!

This same relationship has secured our supplier with an unlimited supply of the DCS based liquid, formerly known as Magic, Magic-0 or other similar names. Please be aware that any product purchased from any business other than one found at Brennan Landscaping or it's retail partners will not be the same product you have come to know and will not perform to the same standards.

Insist on the best, ask for ICE B'GONE MAGIC.





Liquid Ice B' Gone Magic is a highly effective ant-icing product.

 Liquid Magic can be applied prior to storms. The residual can last more than one storm, its non corrosive is considered a "Green Product."

  • Liquid  Ice B' Gone Magic DCS applications help prevent snow from bonding
  • No hardpack equals safer conditions
  • Faster plowing
  • Less salt or ice melt
  • Liquid Ice B' Gone Magic is water soluble
  • Applied prior to storms
  • It's a "Green Product"
  • Non - Corrosive




Please note: This page contains article that have been written about our product  that we feel are too important to remove. You will be reading articles that were printed and published prior to July 31, 2012 which all refer to our product as Magic Salt™ or Magic -0 ™ .  As of July 31, 2012 our product will now be known as Ice B’ Gone Magic ® going forward. We will continue to provide same product which is simply the best product on the market to our customer. Our product formulation of Distillers Condensed Solubles and Magnesium Chloride which is patent protected has not changed in 14 years … we simply updated our package design and will be utilizing our new trade name of Ice B’ Gone Magic®. 



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" Given the unusual summer, we are very pleased with the lawn and the quality care from Tim, Mark, and Rob. Thank You. " Charline H.

" We are pleased with the patio extension and wall. It would be really great if Mother Nature gives us some nice summer weather to enjoy it” Paula/ Bud M.

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quote   I absolutely love the landscaping, especially the two blue spruces. I was confident that you would come up with a nice design, We were amazed that you guys worked though the rain. I guess with all the rain we have been having, you guys are used to it. My neighboors have been peeking. They really like it. I will be in touch with you soon to get the patio done.”
Debra M.

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